Benefits to NGOs

Facilitate collaboration & multi-stakeholder engagement

Increase visibility amongst users and anAngel’s partners

Increase efficiency, reduce costs and free human resources

Raise more awareness about the causes you are fighting for

Efficient communication to volunteers and other stakeholders

Measure and demonstrate your impact to the community

Operationalise projects and campaigns fast

Crowdsource and crowdfund

Exposure to potential investors/donors and sponsors

Showcase your verified impact to stakeholders

Provide Financial and Impact reports

Reward System

Benefits to Individuals

Help individuals find campaigns for volunteering

Added incentive to make a positive difference in the community

Promote interaction between individuals and stakeholders

Foster self-actualisation of individuals through purposeful actions

Provide users with certificates to enhance their CV

Strengthen community ties

Reward system

Measure impact of your good actions

Benefits to Governments

Identify and connect with stakeholders

Assist government's commitments to SDG

Attract development institutions and donors and foreign expertise

Impact measurement and SDG reporting

Information on NGOs and relevant campaigns/projects

Enhance reputation of Mauritius

Strengthens commitment towards SDG reporting

Showcase commitment to sustainable, social and environmental actions

Benefits to Academia

Engage and empower students through extra-curricular activities

Case studies and research opportunities

Support a holistic approach to education

Collaborate with academia to create awareness on social, economic and environmental issues

Benefits to Suppliers

Attract new customers

Boost and increase exposure

Recognition from the market

Ability to create partnerships

Opportunity to showcase commitment

Develop CSR projects

Help with better inventory

Benefits to Corporates

Find campaigns, organisations or causes to support easily

Check out the data insights to help you with your decisions

Develop your CSR programme using only one app

Brand recognition.
Showcase commitment for supporting social and environmental initiatives