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anAngel is an interactive, socially engaging and gamified tool for simplifying and amplifying positive impact. It is a central repository of information of social and environmental initiatives that unites givers, doers, volunteers, social enterprises and NGOs. It is a powerful campaign management tool. It aims to encourage the community to co-create a better world through contribution to the sustainable development goals.

In 2015, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, set 17 goals to be achieved by 2030. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals designed to be a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

(a) Good do-ers can use anAngel to participate in campaigns, earn points, compete with other users on the Leaderboard, make donations to good causes and redeem points in the Shop section.

(b) anAngel is also a social media platform which enables individuals to expand their network, communicate with friends and see what is going on in the community.

(a) Organisations can register and create campaigns on anAngel, with options for private and public campaigns, as well as use the crowdfunding option.

(b) Organisations can also use anAngel as a networking platform to improve communication with the volunteers and other stakeholders.

Any organisation may use anAngel; from corporates, to NGOs, social enterprises, suppliers or service providers.

In the first phase of the project, the platform will be accessible only in Mauritius. But keep in tune for further developments!

Yes, the platform is open for anyone who is residing in Mauritius- whether they are from.


(a) Click on “Log in” & then “Register”

(b) Then click on “SIGNUP AS INDIVIDUAL”

(b) Fill in all the required fields on the page

(c) Enter your full name, email address, and create a new password for yourself

(d) Click on the ‘Captcha Box’

(e) Then click on the ‘Register’ button below

(f) A 4-digit verification code will be sent to your email address, if not received, you can click on the ‘Resend’ button to request another code.

(g) Finally, search for the verification mail in your inbox or spam, and click on "verify" to activate your account.

Yes. Simply go to ‘my account’, scroll down & click on ‘change active goals’ to change the SDGs. You can select up to 3 SDGs per account.

Profile verification is a crucial step for us to ensure we attend to our duties of due diligence before on-boarding users.

(a) Go to “My account”

(b) Fill in all details simply by clicking on ‘Edit’

(c) Attach all required documents

(d) Click on submit once you have carefully inputted all correct details.

For our reference in the verification of your profile, we will need the assurance of someone who can vouch for you. You just need to provide us with details of this person—kind of how you include referees to a CV!

Yes, you may use and explore the platform but the functionalities will be severely limited. You will be able to enjoy the full benefits of the platform only after your profile is verified—so make sure you fill in your details conscientiously!

Maximum of 1 day. If there is any issue, please drop us a mail – or please use the contact form


(1) Go to “Campaigns”

(2) Scroll down to see a list of campaigns you can participate in

(3) After selecting the right campaign, click under ‘More details’ to view the actions/tasks you need to accomplish. These tasks will be your DEEDS.

(4) Click on “I’m In” to participate in the campaign.

(5) Click on “Opt-out” to remove your participation from the campaign.

(i) Upon completion of a task, click on 'DEEDS' tab, scroll down to 'In-progress'.

(ii) Select the campaign whose tasks you have completed, and proceed to validate your deed.

(iii) Scroll down and click on 'Submit'.

(iv) Then upload your pictures or videos (less than 4MB in size). You can select up to 4 pieces of evidence.

(v) Under 'Text', write a brief description of the task undertaken.

(vi) Finally, click on the ‘submit’ button to send evidence for validation.

A deed left uncompleted or unattended may result in loss of points and demotion on the leaderboard.

As many as you want, as long as the timing for your deeds do not clash with one another.

Yes you may do so, but you will lose deed points as a result.

Yes you may. There is a share button available on any particular campaign page. You can share to Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Yes, upon request, you may be issued a certification of participation.


Any user which has registered on anAngel as an “Organisation” can start a campaign. Users registered as “individuals” cannot start a campaign.

(i) Go to “Campaigns”

(ii) Click on “New Campaign” & fill in all fields on the page. It is compulsory to: select an SDG & to upload a cover photo or video of your campaign. If you do not have it, you can add any picture, and change it later.

(iii) Scroll down and click on “Next”.

(iv) Then you have to select a deed. A deed is like an action or task that you want your participants to undertake. You have 3 options: a) Volunteering: you are looking for volunteers b) Donation: you are looking for people to donate funds to your organization c) In-kind: you are looking for people to donate their belongings e.g. unused clothes, shoes, second hand furniture

(v) Select your deed and click ‘Next’.

(vi) Enter your location and click next.

(vii) Then, enter the title and description of your deed. Select the date.

(viii) You will see “Validate requires media/evidence”. This means if you want your participants to show you the evidence of the tasks/deeds they have completed under your campaign. You can choose either yes or no.

(ix) Click on ‘Next’, and your deed will be created.

(x) Finally, scroll down, and click ‘Publish’ to send your campaign to our team for review and approval.

Campaigner survey form

The campaigner survey form has been designed for those campaigners who wish to benefit from our impact assessment and reporting services. The form follows the Theory of Change framework used by impact assessment experts worldwide.

No. The campaigner will be offered an option to “Skip” the form if they do not wish to partake in impact assessment; or if they will need our assistance in filling in the form at a later stage.

Foreseeable effects mean any effects- measurable or not- which you can expect to happen, as a result of your campaign. These will guide us to understand the general goals that you are expecting campaign to achieve.

Short term measurable effects refer to specific quantifiable metrics which you should be able to observe in the immediate term, as a result of your campaign. For example: the number of beneficiaries who are directly impacted.

Medium term measurable effects refer to specific quantifiable metrics which you should be able to observe within the span of a couple months after of your campaign. For example: the indirect effects of a campaign, which have trickled down to society as a whole within the medium term.

Long term measurable effects refer to specific quantifiable metrics which you would observe after a year or a couple years, as a result of your campaign. These effects are structural in nature and would signify a change in the system. For example: changing mindsets and habit patterns.


(a) To verify authenticity of evidence, we encourage users to share a before and after photos or videos.

(b) We also capture the user location and QR codes.

(c) An internally appointed validator will act as auditor to verify the authenticity of evidence submitted.

(d) Actions will also be taken for submission of false evidence!! Please consult our values.

(a) Location plus Pictures demonstrating deed undertaken

(b) Videos showing successful completion of deeds

(c) Some campaigns have survey forms. Kindly complete the survey form.

You will receive a notification saying evidence has been approved and you will receive the reward points.

Maximum of 1 day. If there is any issue, please drop us a mail – or please use the contact form

If your evidence has not been approved, you will not be able to submit further evidence as this will add a layer of complexity for our validators. It is thus crucial that you fill in your evidence submission form very carefully!


(a) anA is one denomination for rewards points

(b) These reward points can be used in the Shop & are backed by money (Rs 1= 1 anA) !

(c) anAs can also be gifted or donated to charity, causes, friends or any users.

You can earn anAs upon successful completion of deeds in campaigns that are giving out such points.

Yes you may buy anAs from the platform to use in the Shop.

(a) Go to “My Wallet”

(b) Click on “Add fund”

(c) Select the amount of your purchase

(d) Click on either “Buy with My.T Money” or “Buy with Paypal”

Yes, there is a payment processing fee upon the purchase of anAs. The service fee stands at 5% and covers Payment gateways charges as well as a small administrative costs.

(a) kmA is another denomination of the reward points

(b) These are the points that go towards the positioning of users on the Leaderboard found on the Dashboard.

(c) These points may also be used to redeem some types of products and services from the shop— in other words, those goods and services which are quoted in kmAs.

You can earn kmAs by:

(a) Registering on the platform,

(b) Logging onto to the website,

(c) Logging onto the website for consecutive days,

(d) Completing deeds,

(e) Donating to SDGs, Organisations or Campaigns

(e) Sharing posts around anAngel on social media platforms, etc.

No, you cannot buy kmAs. They can only be earned through good actions.

No kmAs or anAs cannot be converted to money. They can be redeemed for products, services, vouchers and discounts from our partners.

You may check your balance for kmAs and anAs in the “Wallet” section on the dashboard.

(a) The leaderboard is a dynamic board showing which users have collected the highest amount of kmAs. These points have been allocated upon successful completion of deeds.

(b) The leaderboard shows who have the maximum of points among all users on the platform and also shows who gathered the highest amount of points among your friends

(a) The kmA points on the leaderboard only change as you perform actions or deeds but remain unaffected by redeems.

(b) The kmA points in your wallet are in essence the same points you have on your leaderboard minus kmAs redeemed for the goods and services


As a user you can make donations on the anAngel platform. You can donate your anAs to your friends, to organisations, to campaigns, or to specific SDG causes.

Yes, kmA can be donated to other individuals only.

(a) Go to the tab ‘Donate’

(b) Choose the category you want to donate to, that is: a friend, an organization, a campaign or an SDG.

(c) After you make your pick, fill in the details in the fields provided and state the amount of points you wish to donate.

(d) Finally, upon completion of the above, click “Submit”

No. There is no service fee on the transfer of anAs between the different types of users.

Yes, you can track all your donations through our wallet.

All transactions are accounted for. And all our accounts are audited. Furthermore, all transactions can be checked in respective wallets.


Users and organisations that register as Supplier in their profile can offer products, services or vouchers on the Shop.

Yes. Users who have accumulated kmAs or anAs can redeem products or services from the Shop. Those who do not have anAs may purchase them before redeeming the goods and services of their choice from the Shop.

(a) Products and services quoted in kmAs are those that have been donated to anAngel, and which we want to offer to volunteers who have performed good actions and accumulated their kmA points.

(b) Some products and services on the other hand are also quoted in anAs because they have only been donated to the platform against anA reward points.

Yes, there are service charges/ handling fees on the redemption of anAs of items from the shop. These handling fees stand at 3%.

Error messages

(a) We are terribly sorry that this has happened.

(b) Usually, these errors may arise due to an overloaded server or high traffic on the website or some technical bugs. Please be patient with us as we are in a testing phase.

(c) If you are receiving an error message, please contact the anAngel team on or please use the contact us form. We shall really appreciate your feedback. Please state the error message number and how did it occur. Thank you!

(d) Please try refresh the page - Ctrl+R or Command+R

(a) Usually such a message will appear if you have inputted the wrong email address or password.

(b) If you have forgotten your password, please click on “Forgot your password?” and enter your email address to get a password reset link.