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´╗┐Here are some simple tips we can use to save energy:

Avoid putting hot food directly into the refrigeratorDo not keep the refrigerator/freezer door open for too longClose your windows and doors when using air conditioner, and clean your air filter regularlyFill your washing machine to its maximum capacity and use the eco wash mode. This way, you will wash more clothes in fewer sessions and you will use less energy. Leave an adequate space between the wall and the back of your refrigerator to allow air to flow. Regularly dust the back of the refrigerator to ensure proper air circulation. Do not place your refrigerator near a source of heat like a stove or in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight.Try not to open the door of the oven frequently while cooking so that it does not lose of its heat and consume more energy.Iron multiple clothes at one-go to save heat energy.Use a steam iron instead of a dry one as it is easier, faster, and more efficient.Use a pressure cooker to reduce cooking time and save energy.If possible, take out your frozen food out of the refrigerator and allow them to defrost at normal temperature.Turn off the TV set if you are not watching it.Remove your phone charger from the socket once the battery is fully charged.Use timers for your aquariums lights and pumps. Consider the health of the fish before doing so.Install an exhaust fan to draw hot air out of the house.Use more natural lighting where possible. E.g. by opening the curtains, windows to let sunlight in.Dust your light bulbs every once a week as a dirty bulb reduces light output and consumes more energy than usual.

Objectives / Aim

To save energy and use it more efficiently.



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