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NGOs are invited to participate in the show "Le Mag" organised by the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation MBC,  to promote your organisation and to talk about your work in society. This program is broadcasted on radio, TV (Chaine Kreole) and live on social media. 

NGOs who are interested to participate, kindly join this campaign and write in the CHAT section the following details:

1. Organisation name

2. Date you would like to attend the interview recording

3. Full name and title of the person attending.

The interview questions are as follows;

1.Present your NGO - functions and objectives.

2.Who are you and when did you join the NGO - the reason why you created such an NGO

3.What is the situation on the field

4.What is the problem and how can people help

5.Who are your sponsors whom you wish to thanks

6.Your appeal to the population

7. Vote of thanks

Thank you.


Give an opportunity to NGOs to promote their work on national TV



Good Health and Well-being


  • Moka, Mauritius,
  • Date

    17 November 2021 - 17 November 2022


    11:11 AM - 12:12 PM

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