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Blankets may seem like simple items to many of us. But for many people around the island, a warm blanket is simply more than they can afford. Millions of day laborers, displaced families, rural villagers, homeless individuals, and others dread the cold months. Even in normal circumstances, many of them can hardly afford to provide food and other necessities. Winter adds even more expense.

We are receiving an increasing number of requests for warm blankets in the various areas around the island. Our supply does not meet the huge budget.

In cold climate areas, our contacts report that blankets can mean the difference between life or death for impoverished people like day laborers or the homeless. “Their houses, Iron sheet, and wood have no heating systems, and water run under their feet and inside their house during raining as they don't have a concrete floor,” they shared.

Wintertime brings misery for Jean,* a  father. Heavy rain and Cyclone Jean and his family from their hometown to a damp, concrete room. With his calloused hands raised and tears choking his voice, Jean told our contacts, “I stand daily in the square of the village, waiting for someone to ask me to do any kind of work. . . . all I care about is bringing food to my family.”

Life becomes even more difficult for the family during winters. Without a stove or warm clothes, Jean’s three children huddle under one worn blanket to keep warm.

When Jean and his family received warm clothes and provisions from us after the cyclone, his wife’s grateful words touched our contacts’ hearts. “No one has thought of us before,” she said. “May God protect you as you have protected my children from the cold and brought warmth and dry to their bodies and hearts.” Christine’s nine-year-old daughter exclaimed, “I just can’t believe I will get some new and dry clothes today with this good food.”

 our goal is to provide 500 blankets for impoverished people this winter. If you would like to help, your support will be a blessing and show God’s compassion. One beneficiary said, “I am unable to buy even a single blanket this winter season. But the believers were concerned for us and gave us this blanket. May God bless you.”

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Objectives / Aim

to provide 500 blanket to needy families



No Poverty
Good Health and Well-being
Reduced Inequalities



07 April 2022


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