Plant a seed today and believe in tommorow CLUB CYCLISTE DE TAMARIN



Who we are

Association Club Cycliste de Tamarin has the primary aim to teach children living in the region of Tamarin how to cycle by giving them professional training.

One of our main objectives is to support them to stay healthy and prepare for a better future.

The project. 

Association Club Cycliste de Tamarin has the chance to collaborate with different partners to make this dream come true. ''Plant a seed today''  project will enable the children to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

We will plant organic vegetables on a piece of land that will be cultivated to feed these children and provide them with a healthy meal.  We plan to have medicinal plants, vegetables, flowers, and fruits. We have the permission to use the land for 1 year to cultivate and we would like to take benefit of it so that youngsters can have a good meal. 

What we are looking for?

Therefore we will be grateful if you could help us to: 

1. Buy organic liquid to feed our plants to protect them from disease.

2. Buy vegetable plants, seeding, materials, compost bin, composts, soil, lylian flower and roses.

We also welcome any donation of fruits plants or seeds.

If you wish to help us, kindly comment in the CHAT section your details. We shall revert back to you. 

Thank you.

Objectives / Aim

Our Objectives are to plant, to collect , to share, to sell and make a difference in a poor life.



Responsible Consumption And Production




24 July 2021 - 31 December 2021


07:07 AM - 09:09 PM

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