Be a volunteer- Read and record audio for blind children



Record your voice reading books and other materials to help blind children learn and grow their knowledge via listening. 

Record you voice reading any educational material (books, short stories, health and environmental news, interesting facts etc) for children.

Note: You may record your voice at home and it to us on OR call us on 466 4421to make a visit and record in our studio at Jacques Cantin Talking Books Association, 101, Colonel Manigard Street, Louis Lagess Centre, Grand Port District, Beau Bassin-Rose Hill.

Please ensure when recording at home that there is no background noises.

How to participate?

Click on I'm In to join. After participating (recording), click on DEEDS, scroll down to In-Progress, and click on SUBMIT to send us your evidence and we shall validate them for you to redeem your km points.


To educate blind children through pre-recorded audio



Good Health and Well-being
Quality Education


  • 101 Rue Colonel Maingard,
    Beau Bassin-Rose Hill.,
  • Date

    13 July 2022


    09:09 AM - 04:04 PM

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