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#lazwa"A HappyDay" - Let us take a conscious decision to be happy and to make others happy : )

"A Happy Day"

The year 2021/2022 completely turned upside down our well-being and happiness with the global pandemic, rise in unemployment (21%), Covid 19 pandemic , amongst all the usual life challenges. The results have shown a surge in domestic violence, admission to mental health centres, increased alcohol and drug abuse, behavioral disorders in children, and the list goes on.

We can do something to change that. 

Join us for the #lazwa"A HappyDay", campaign for a happier, healthier and positive Mauritius.

It is a day when we take a conscious decision of being happy and making others happy.

It is set for the 27 March 2022.

We all deserve unforgettable moments of happiness and joy in our lives. It is no secret that a happy individual will foster a happy family and community.

"A Happy Day" aims at starting a happiness movement to give a smile to the entire Mauritian population.

Share your photos on social media with #lazwa, #hppy, #ahappyday #anangel to spread happiness.

And don't forget to send us a special one by validating this campaign. We want to know what makes you happy.

Collect your points (KMA) to go up the leaderboard and earn badges, or use them to our upcoming lucky draws to win,

Check the announcements and please use the group chat.


Prenons la dĂ©cision consciente d'ĂȘtre heureux et de rendre les autres heureux :)

"A Happy Day"

Objectives / Aim

To celebrate the good things in our lives



Good Health and Well-being


  • Everywhere,
  • Date

    17 February 2022 - 29 April 2023


    12:12 AM - 11:11 PM

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