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By way of introduction, we form part of a group of worldwide volunteers involved in social and humanitarian activities. Our primary responsibility is to promote peace as it lies in the hands of each individual to lift each other up. The Peace Education Program is a video based highly interactive 10 sessions course based on the talks of international humanitarian and author Prem Rawat. The PEACE EDUCATION PROGRAMME is offered FREE OF COST to your Organisation. How to participate? 1. Join this campaign by clicking on "I'm In" option. 2. Then type your credentials including your organisation name, the time you are willing attend the session, and your contact details in the CHAT box. Be sure to refresh the page to see if your message has been sent in the chat. 3. After attending the session, take a picture/short video of your team. Then tap on DEEDS and scroll down and tap on SUBMIT. Upload your evidence to receive your kma points. 4. If you have any questions, feel free to type it in the chat section of the campaign. Thank you.


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  • 11, Avenue Des Capucines,
    Quatre Bornes,
  • Date

    21 January 2022 - 28 June 2023


    01:01 PM - 06:06 PM

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