Call to NGOs for Mentoring Program (coming soon) anAngel



anAngel is launching a mentoring program to help NGOs become autonomous and sustainable in their operations. 

The Mentoring Program proposed gives the chance to build a strong relationship between NGOs and professionals, providing advice and support in different projects and initiatives, including the vision the goals of that NGO. This will also improve the day-to-day operations of the NGOs as well as increase efficiency, thereby offering a better service to the Mauritian community. The following categories are proposed:

1.       Human Resource                                      

2.       Marketing                                      

3.       Impact Measurement                                

4.       Reporting                                       

5.       Funding                                          

6.       Legal Matters                                

7.       Leadership                                     

8.       Project Management                                 

9.       Event Planning                              

10.   Social Media Marketing

and many more; as per your needs.

Hence, we invite you to join the campaign by clicking on ‘‘I’m In’’ and fill in the request form to indicate in which field you need help and whether you want to be mentored. 

You can add any additional categories you wish to obtain as mentorship.

Thank you.


To support NGOs in improving their operations to become autonomous and sustainable



Decent Work And Economic Growth
Partnership For The Goals
Peace, justice and strong institutions


  • Mauritius,
  • Date

    23 September 2021 - 08 January 2023


    09:09 AM - 06:06 PM

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