Do Good

“Finding something to help my community with anAngel was easy and fun. In a few clicks I could identify which NGOs needed help and what kind of help they needed.”
-anAngel volunteer

Welcome to the #1 platform for doing good.

anAngel is the go-to app if you want to do good.

Doing good can be in a variety of forms.

You can donate some of your time and help on a social or environmental campaign by volunteering.

You can find things to do which helps towards sustainable development goals. It can vary to deeds that requires you to be somewhere, but it also can be deeds to be done from the comfort of your home.

You can donate things, which can be new or used. We will always find beneficiaries who will derive maximum utility from these.

You can also fund a campaign, cause or organisation.

And why don't you do something you are good at or share your knowledge and expertise? Some organisations would love to have you give them a helping hand.

Did you know that attending awareness campaigns is also considered a good deed? You can find these campaigns toattend. It can equip you to understand some conditions better, and you can also relay the information on and expand awareness.

Start doing good, one action at a time.


“For me volunteering on anAngel was a great experience, it was not only easy to find a campaign to volunteer in but I have also been able to connect and interact with others volunteers and different NGOs”
-anAngel volunteer

Thank you for being interested to help and support your community.

Volunteering is vital to NGOs to help them do more, and advance their worthwhile causes. They are counting on you as their resources are more often than not limited.

Volunteering provide several benefits to you too, from connecting closer to your community, making friends, and learn new skills. It definitely brings fun and fulfillment in life.

Being a central repository of campaigns, if you want to volunteer, you will be able to search using various filters (time availability, cause, SDG, duration, with reward or not etc) and find a social or environmental project to help and support.

You are able to manage your deed can easily with the help of features like calendar, geolocalisation, notifications and reminders.

Message your friends, invite others to join you, check out who is joining you, find out all the information you need about the volunteering opportunity on the campaign page, do not miss the latest news on your dashboard or check what others are up to in your feed. There are a host of cool features to make the best out of your volunteering experience.

That is not all, you can also build a digital CV based upon your accomplishments.

Validate your deed and earn your reward points after you completed your good deed.

Start doing good, one action at a time.


“Donation has never been easier. There is both visibility and transparency in how donated money is being spent and activities being carried out. ”
– Representative - Nelson Mandela Center for African Culture

The tool does not only facilitate time donations for volunteer through the marketplace but it also facilitates micro and targeted donations through trusted donation system which includes:

1) The digital wallet system,
2) The donation tracking system,
3) Data insights (Information and metrics on organisations and campaigns)

Blockchain will be used to enhance, transparency, immutability and online security. Donation can be to a cause, a campaign, an organisation or an individual. Have full transparency on the use and impact of the donations.

Start a campaign

“With anAngel platform it was easy for us to start and implement a campaign overnight in response to the oil spill.”
- Founder - Hairboom Mauritius

You can use the platform to raise awareness about your campaign, increase collaborative opportunities and reach a pool of do-gooders.

Accessing resources is now easy through the crowdsourcingand crowdfunding functions.

Reduce the human resources cost, associated with management, supervision of volunteers through the project management,community management and digital wallet functionality. All these can be made possible from the comfort of the app.

You can measure your impact by collecting your important information from the field. Upon deed validation from the do-gooders participating in your campaign, information will be fed back to you. The data insights will be provided to you in the automated reports. Do not worry if you do not have your theory of change waxed, you will have a choice of impact metrics to choose from.

Benefit from using our reward system to incentivise and to thank the people who have helped on your campaign. They deserve it.

Measure your impact

“The anAngel platform have provided invaluable data, which was used to track and measure the impact of our project”
– Founder - NGO Mouvement d'Aide à la Maternité - MAM

Measure impact through the data collection functionality.

Choose from our preloaded metrics to develop your data collection forms.

Use the volunteers to collect data for you in the field.

Use collected data to improve planning and implementation of programmes, to improve fund distribution and to improve efficacy and effectiveness of organisations.

Earn rewards and shop

“Thank you so much as an unemployed, I was able to be useful to others. And thank you for the rewards, it helped us to bring something home to the family”
- anAngel volunteer

Now that you have done your good deed, we want to thank you with our rewards points.

We do understand that you have already reaped the benefits of doing good, but the reward system is important to us.

Also, we hope that the reward system will get you to do more good deeds!

You can earn two types of reward points, KMA and anA. KMA are points that you obtain from any activities on our platform. Level up, earn badges, or redeem them for promotional items and lucky draw tickets.

anA is the other reward point that is associated with some specific campaigns only. anA will give you options to redeem for a bigger basket of products and services. You can also donate them to someone, to a cause, an organisation or support a campaign. See it as an additional revenue.

We are busy developing the e-store. And yes, we promote ecological, fair trade, organic, ethical or local products and services through the online shop, and we also do the due diligence that the suppliers have good social and environmental policies in place.

The reward system unlocks value from unused or excess stocks to fund projects. Examples range from unused cinema seats toidle inactive hours for hairdressers. You get a reduction in your financial instability. And in alternative livelihoods you may manage your finance better by funding other projects.

Through the reward system and business partnerships with suppliers, individuals can access to products and services through good deeds work.