Bridging the Divide: Mauritius on the Path to Poverty Alleviation

In the heart of the year 2023, a stark reality confronts us: the island of Mauritius, despite its natural beauty and vibrant culture, cannot conceal the persistent darkness of poverty affecting 143,200 of its residents. Recent data reveals a decrease in the poverty rate to 11%, a glimmer of optimism on the surface. However, concealed beneath this seemingly promising statistic lies the grim reality of 143,200 people living below the poverty line (source: ).

The Face of Poverty in Mauritius encompasses a spectrum of nuances, encompassing monetary, educational, and social dimensions. While some households grapple to meet their basic needs, others face challenges such as limited access to education and opportunities. Poverty also takes the form of social exclusion, leaving certain individuals feeling marginalized and vulnerable.

Yet, amidst these challenges, a tangible glimmer of hope persists, embodied by an active network of NGOs fighting poverty in Mauritius. These organizations collaborate closely with the private and public sectors, extending their support to families trapped in extreme poverty, striving to break this relentless cycle.

These unsung heroes work tirelessly, illuminating the path of hope. Among them, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as Caritas Maurice, Lovebridge, Monad Charity, Bonheur Associé aux Enfants, Safire, Kollektif Rivier Nwar, Maison Familiale Rurale , Association de L’Ecole Familiale de L’Ouest, Anou Vise, Future Hope, Century Welfare Association, Mkids, Elles c nous association, Appel, Association Bienêtre De Mahebourg, Pont du Tamarinier, Action for Integral Human Development, ANFEN, Anges du Soleil ONG, Amour et Espoir association, APEDED - Association Pour l'Education des Enfants Défavorisés and many others, stand firmly alongside those affected by destitution.

These NGOs offer a lifeline to vulnerable communities, providing essential aid in nutrition, education, healthcare, and vocational training. Their efforts lay the foundation for a brighter future. Mauritius' journey towards poverty alleviation is a collective one, guided by the unwavering commitment of these organizations to bridge the gap and create a more equitable society for all.